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  • Peopleclick can provide a wide variety of custom Cloud Consulting Services to help customers build and implement efficient, scalable Cloud IT infrastructure based on proven best practices. Our Amazon Web Services are backed by a team of experienced professional consultants and a global partner network. We offer round the clock support for your Amazon AWS needs to maximize performance of your AWS applications, minimize cost of your AWS infrastructure with our world class team of consultants & advisors.

    Peopleclick Cloud Consulting Services help maximize an organization's investment in Amazon AWS Cloud, and thereby the value and benefit of its entire CLOUD IT infrastructure. Our consultants can assist in all phases of the IT systems management lifecycle: adoption, assessment and evaluation, compliance and customization.

    Our experienced consultants typically work onsite for analysis and discussions, opening a direct and informal dialogue with our clients. The next phases can often be carried out off-site, to minimize costs, though we are available for full-time consulting to hourly engagements. Our consultants can tailor scripts, configurations and knowledge-bases to meet individual and industry requirements. You may have few questions in your mind!!

    What "the Cloud" Is?

    Cloud computing has four essential characteristics:
  • Data processing and memory are outsourced to resources on the Internet that are provided on demand, through a web browser.

  • Users do not control the specific computing resource, nor do they know where it's located.

  • The cloud service provider offers its resources - networks, servers, storage, or applications - as a shared pool for all authorized users.

  • Users log in to their cloud account from any device that has an Internet connection - such as a PC or Smartphone.

  • Advantages of Cloud Computing?

    Cloud computing can help your company:
  • Reduce costs: The cloud offers pay-per-use pricing. It can cut your expenses for equipment and applications, plus the costs to power, cool, house, and install them.

  • Become more agile: The cloud expands access to world-class capabilities, enabling innovation. You can implement applications faster, and add capacity on demand.

  • Raise productivity: The cloud simplifies applications access, and reduces mundane IT tasks. You can focus on managing the business, not the technology infrastructure.

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